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Our annual dinner honoring the
2013 Citizen of the Year took place on March 25, 2014.

We continue to support the Lions Foundation of Canada
for the training of Guide Dogs.

We continue to support the Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Halton.

Lions Camp Dorset

Prior to1978 the dreams of hundreds of kidney patients and their families to spend a summer vacation away from their home and hospital was virtually impossible. These dreams since that date now more than 30 years ago has become a reality with the building of many cottages, efficiency units and a dialysis clinic, due to the effort and work of many Lions Clubs to raise funds and build Camp Dorset.

The Georgetown Lions Club has been very dedicated to this project having worked thousands of hours building cottages, walks and bridges, renovating and decorating. More than $ 35,000 has been donated over the years and the Georgetown Lions are credited with the donation of an apartment unit fully furnished and the donation and building of a 300 foot walk and bridge linking the efficiency units with the Dialysis Clinic.

Today the camp is in constant use each year from late spring to early September. The camp is now a national camp with patients coming from across Canada to enjoy the freedom of a vacation without worry. Dialysis patients from overseas countries have also used the camp for vacations. The camp now consist of 14 three bedroom cottages, 2 five unit efficiency apartments and a 10 unit dialysis clinic. In addition recreation hall, tennis courts, ball diamonds, swimming pool, playground, boats docking and great fishing.

A full medical staff of doctors and nurses are on staff during the months the camp is in operation.

For more information please go to
Also Lion Camp Dorset.html

In addition to Camp Dorset, the Georgetown Lions also financially support Camp Kirk, Camp Balleleo and Camp Trillium. For more information on these camps please use the link


Honoring Georgetown’s top citizens

In 1973 the Georgetown Lions Club decided that recognitions should be given to a citizen who has served his or her community in an outstanding way. The basis of the selection was to be on the record of the recipient’s achievements in the recent past, or over a period of years, during which an outstanding contribution was made towards the community by this citizen.

The committee wishes to acknowledge and thank those Georgetown citizens who wrote to us and made suggestions for the Citizen of the Year Award.



1972 – Mrs. Peggy Treahy
1974 – Rev. Peter Barrow
1976 – Mrs. Connie Nieuwhof
1978 – Irwin & Joy Noble
1980 – Mrs. Violet Haines
1982 – Mrs. Esme Ball 
1984 – Mr. W. Emerson
1986 – Geo. Girls Pipe Band
1988 – Mr. Tom Ramautarsimgh
1990 – Mrs. Siena Van Hoekelen
1992 – Mr. A. Booth
1994 – Mr. Russell Miller
1996 – Mr. Trevor Williams
1998 – Mr. & Mrs. Shell & May Lawr
2000 – Mr. & Mrs. Barry & Sandra Timleck
2002 – Mr Martin Boomsma
2004 – Mr. Tom Schenk
2006 – Mrs Louise Brown
2008 – Dr. Jeff Sutherland             
2010 - Dianne Penrice
2012 - Graeme Goebelle

1973 – Geo. Volunteer Fire Department
1975 – Geo. Volunteer Ambulance Service
1977 – Walter  H. Gray
1979 – Mrs. Karen Harrison
1981 – Mr. A.V. Tennant
1983 – Mr. Ralph Ursel
1985 – Ms. Jean Layman
1987 – Mr. Edward Gorth
1989 – Mrs. Jesse Hayes
1991 – Mrs Lena Johnston
1993 – Mr. Lou Darcie
1995 – Mrs. Lois Fraser
1997 – Mr. & Mrs. Ron & Dorothy Hunt
1999 – Mr. Paul Armstrong
2001 – Mr. & Mrs. Manley & Doreen Densmore
2003 – Mrs. Jenny Tuffin
2005 – Mrs. Glenda Benton
2007 – Homecoming Committee
2009 – Ernie Bodnar
2011 - Laurent Thibault      

2013 - Brenda Sisnett


Also see pictures re
2011 Citizen of the Year
2012 Citizen of the Year


Every Year, the Georgetown Lions Club provide free entertainment
for many of Georgetown's Seniors
by paying for the group Vocal Motion. See "Entertainment for Seniors" for more information and pictures.

Lions Foundation of Canada Dogguides

Since it’s founding in 1983, the Georgetown Lions Club has been involved with the Dogguides program. At first supporting in the financing and the building of their headquarters in Oakville. The program initially trained dogs for the blind, but has grown in the following years, training Hearing Ear Dogs, Special Skills Dogs and more recently Seizure Response Dogs and Autism Assistance Dogs.

Starting out initially training eight dogs a year at the Oakville facility and later at the satellite facility in Breslau, Ontario presently trains more than a hundred guidedogs a year. Clients come from as far a way as St Johns, New Foundland and Victoria, British Columbia. The average cost to train one dogguide is $ 20,000 and the Georgetown Lions Club has sponsored the training of several dogguides. For more information, please use the following link.

Pictures of the
2012 Walk for Dog Guides

and the
Walk for Dog Guides 2013



In 1990, some of the Georgetown Lions Club members went to
St. Louis, Missouri for the Lions International Convention.
They were, Lions Ivan Dumancic, Denis Borotsik and Ted Daquano.
Here are a few pictures.


Georgetown Lions Club members
Jim Levy, Doug Penrice, Jim Akers, Doug Welden and Ivan Dumancic participating in the Bowling Tournament in Mississauga


Santa Claus Parade

For almost the past 80 years Santa has arrived in Georgetown with special help from the Georgetown Lions. We are proud of bringing smiles to the faces of young and old alike. The last few years the parade has taken place on a Saturday in the early evening hours. Hundreds if not thousands of children with their parents and friends line Guelph Street, Mill Street and downtown to catch a glimpse of Santa himself. Especially since changing the start of the Santa Parade to the evening hours, the illuminated floats the colourful bands and the many participants have elicited many oohs and aahs.

The Georgetown Lions Club is proud to look after the planning, getting sponsors and programming of the parade. We acknowledge the assistance of our Halton Police force and other organizations which make the annual parade such a welcome start of the festive season. Without their help and in some cases their financial support, we could not hope to organize this event.

See Santa Parade 2010

Follow this link for the
Free Pancake Breakfast


For more than 25 years the Georgetown Lions have been one of the volunteer organizations assisting in the operation of the Bingo Country Hall on # 7 Highway in Brampton. Because of the effort of many of our members we have been able to financially support many of our local youth sports clubs and other organizations. Our hospital as well as local parks and recreation centres have been the beneficiaries of our fundraising efforts. One other more recent recipient is the Dreams Take Flight organization. Several children are selected by local schools and are treated to a special flight and attendance at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. One of our members accompanies them to and from this “never to forget trip” to the sunny south.
See giving back to the Community.

This year, The First Big Daddy Festival was held Father’s Day weekend in Halton Hills. For more information and pictures, go to Big Daddy Festival.


Every year the Georgetown Lions club help with Security at the Fall Fair, and for the past two years, we have had a booth to sell Peameal Bacon on a Bun or Hot Dog with a Drink for $4.00. Many said it was the best Peameal Bacon on a bun they ever had.
For pictures of 2010, follow this link.
For Pictures of 2012, follow this link.


Holiday Magic on Main is an annual event in Georgetown where children and their families can visit Santa, go on a horse drawn wagon ride, decorate cookies, listen to Christmas carols and visit the shops on Main Street.

This year the event was held on December 2nd and members of the Georgetown Lions Club participated serving free hot chocolate and cookies to those in attendance.  Although we did not charge, many people left donations to the Lions Club.  It was a cold evening and the hot chocolate went over extremely well.  The Lions served over 250 cups of hot chocolate and 24 dozen cookies.  The cookies were generously donated by Terra Cotta Cookies in Georgetown.



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